From killscreendaily To me, the star of ABC’s shiny new BattleBots reboot is neither Nightmare, nor Warhead, nor any of the engineers who grip the controller with white-knuckle intensity and pound on the plexiglass in anger. To me, the star is Wrecks, a robot that’s little more than a red buzzsaw and a pair of awkwardly waddling…

From Angie Bamblett is one of the few female engineers who will compete on Battlebots. Speaking on behalf of Team Icewave, Bamblett says their battling bot is unique because instead of an electric motor it has a combustion engine. Plus, that five-inch spinning blade should do a lot of damage across any plane. Read more compare hotels

From ABC aired the first of six episodes in its updated BattleBots tournament. Once again, teams wired together some parts, and worked together to ruin another team’s hard work. I finally got around to watching this afternoon, and the big question was: Does BattleBots hold up after all these years? The answer is oh god yes. This thing is…



From Carissa Carlberg, 12, knows a thing or two about building sophisticated, competition-worthy robots for “BattleBots,” a robot-on-robot, battle-to-the-death competition returning after a 10-year hiatus to ABC. Though Carissa hasn’t built a robot for BattleBots on her own, she’s been by her dad Christian’s side along with her two brothers. Read more at

From Adam Savage, Will and Norm from had a round table discussion about the recent BattleBots taping, and the old days of Robot Combat Sports. Check it!

From Their world is fire and blood… or oil, that is. The wildly popular gladiatorial robotics competition, BattleBots, is returning to television, and it’s actually happening sooner than some of us realized. Sunday, June 21st, at 9pm EST on ABC, the shrapnel will fly in the BattleBox once more.

From Tested was granted exclusive access to the BattleBots pit, where teams from all around the world brought their new robots to be tested in the BattleBox. In the first of a three-part series, Tested interviews eight of the 24 teams to learn about their robots’ fighting potential and how new technology has changed how…

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